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5 Pillars of Our Investing Approach:

Covenant Investment Advisors’ approach rests on five pillars that ensure you get the very best service possible:  

Compensated for Success

We don’t make money off of commissions, or represent one particular family of funds.  We are independent and fee-only, which means our only portfolio management income comes from a small percentage of your assets, not from needless trading.  We only succeed if our clients succeed.


We take a global approach, avoiding overconcentration in the US markets, and encouraging our clients to diversify their risk across a wide range of global regions and asset classes.  More diversification means more opportunity and lower risk.

Comprehensive Analysis

We are highly motivated to find the most cost-effective funds for implementing our clients’ goals.  Within each asset class, we isolate the funds that combine excellent management with the lowest expense ratios, and we stick with them, avoiding excess trading costs. Every dollar that we save in fund management and trading costs is another dollar that is available to work for you.


We do not have prepackaged funds or portfolios that we slot our clients into.  We carefully analyze each client’s circumstances and goals to construct and maintain a portfolio and financial plan specifically tailored for the client’s needs.  We recognize that every client is unique. 

Cost Consciousness

We do not simply extrapolate forward recent trends to project expected risk and returns.  Instead, we rely on time-honored quantitative valuation methods and very long-term historical data to reduce exposure to bubbles and make sure the assets you are investing in are fairly valued.  Building on a firm foundation means you can face market fluctuations with confidence.

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